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Marketing News – Well, not new, but condensed and served up. 15


I have to say that I have been loving the new Google Algorithm changes.  My traffic from the search engines have tripled.  And why?  Because I focused on valuable content rather than link building through useless tactics.  Here is a blog post I found on Content that I hope can help clear this up for you.  http://yoast.com/fusion-marketing-experience-in-brussels/

Discount Services Sites, or whatever they are called, seem to be doing very well.  They truly are money makers for the website, business advertising, affiliates, and the investors, as well as money savers for the consumers.  Everyone is a winner! I highly suggest trying out one of these sites to advertise your business or products.  If you are a local business, Groupon is a great one.

LivingSocial authorizes a $565M funding round This one seems to be called a “Group discount site”.

And as if Adwords was not confusing enough, Google Adwords released this blog post on Understanding the Average Position metric.  Was this post supposed to give us a better understand of how to get better results on Adwords?  If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would think they want us to be ignorant of how they work so that we can’t get better results for less money invested.  Hmmmm.

Google is everywhere!!!  Ok, Google has had this for a while now, and I have to say that I am surprised ReelSEO is learning about this NOW!  Google TV Adwords allows you to advertise on TV.  It offers a cheap way to get on the big (or small, depending on your set) screen in “national cable television”.  Here is some more info on it http://www.google.com/adwords/tvads/index.html

Finally, here is a great post for those innovative entrepreneurs to save money on their new endevor. DEMO: Here’s how you can launch for free

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  1. Very interesting mix of news and information. I am however always sad to see all the great deals offered by Groupon because they aren’t offered on the Island where I live. Ah, the challenges of extreme-rural living!

  2. Very nice blog with good information and links to interesting articles. I really like the layout and the way you connect to other articles to expand on your topics.

    Thanks for the great marketing tips delivered with a friendly upbeat writing style.

  3. I like your comment about the importance of content over backlinks, especially ones that aren’t useful as far as Google is concerned. So far I haven’t done a lot about using SEO… there’s a bit of learning curve there that I’ve not tackled yet… but what I have done on my blog until now has been mostly personal development. That, I hope, has been of lasting value to my readers.

    Willena Flewelling

  4. Gijsbertus Piso

    Yes good stuff, Adwords is a different chapter for me I have to dig me in and try to understand how it works. Many thanks and love your Blog

  5. Hey Emily – I must say you do have a mix of information here. Took me a bit to get through it all. I truly appreciate the links to each topic. I’m actually taking a birthday trip using one of the coupons we saw from Groupon. Some amazing deals there.

  6. Emily,
    I have not done much advertising so your information is valuable to me. I will have to check some of those links to learn more. You certainly have included enough links for more detailed information.

  7. Hi Emily,

    Nice news condensed versions and links to great content. Much of this is very helpful in knowing how to steer the content direction on my own site.


    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

  8. Jaden Daniels

    I tried Google Adwords and lost about $500. After that I didn’t do too much advertising, so this information will come in handy for me.

    Thanks for all the info,

  9. Thanks for pulling this information together for us, Emily. Lots of good stuff: I intend to take the time to work my way through your links and get the maximum value from this excellent post.

  10. Fun resources. It is always great to have more options for building your business. Groupon is really up and coming. Almost started scuba lessons thanks to groupon. The system works. Finding ways to offer group discounts through groupon is a neat way to greet new customers.

    Thank you for guiding our paths and shedding light on movement in the field.


  11. Jim

    Hi Emily ~ This post is like a one stop shopping site for all sorts of cool and relevant information. I also really appreciate your writing style. It’s so much more engaging and interesting than some of the dry lifeless information sorts of site.

    Thanks for all the really great information.

    Jim Talbott

  12. Bobbie Brueck

    Hello! I just wish to give a huge thumbs up for the good information you’ve gotten here on this post. I might be coming back to your blog for extra soon.

  13. melody

    Hi Emily! thanks for that great information. You have a big heart to deliver this information to everyone.

  14. Alexandria

    This surely is a good information. And glad to hear that your site has triple its rating since the new update of Google.

  15. Charles Green

    Hey Emily

    Thats a lot of good stuff. I was not sure if the last topic picture was Hilary Clinton. the picture looked like her.

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