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Google Panda, Local Search, and Other Updates 21


I just read a list of new Google changes and had some thoughts to using these changes in your marketing plans.  Here are some ideas to share with you.  Leave some of your ideas in the comments section as well.

google panda updateMore locally relevant predictions in YouTube.

Google is now going to add a local search element to YouTube videos.  Their example was if someone is searching “lady gaga us” they will show a video of her performing in Times Square – as opposed to someone in India searching “lady gaga” they will show a video of her performing in India.

My marketing idea regarding this change will be for those companies that are marketing locally to enhance their local listings by adding YouTube videos for their company and not only connecting them to their local listing but also making sure that their video is locally optimized by adding the location to their title, description and tags.

I know this idea is a given but for those that have not thought it was so important before, it is now even more so important because your video will now show up depending on the location of the searcher.

More consistent thumbnail sizes on results page.

Google is creating a more consistent size of the thumbnails in their various searches.

My marketing idea regarding this change will be for those of you that use lots of imagery in your business, you may want to use a more consistent image size that will look good in the Google image search that can help you bring traffic to your site from this search.  The more appealing your image is in the Google image search the more likely someone will want to click through to your site.

Expand the size of our images index in Universal Search.

Don’t really know what Google means by expand, but I believe it means that they are going to add images from more search topics to the Universal Search.

My marketing idea regarding this is that you really should make sure to use images on your pages and optimize them for search.  Don’t discount images in your SEO strategy.

Fresher images.

Another image change.  Seems like image search is the next big thing.  Ok, it was and has past and now video is.  Now, Google seems to be more interested in images.

My marketing idea, keep those fresh images coming.

Improved snippets for video channels.

Yea!  Video isn’t being neglected.  It also has a new nice look in the search results.

My marketing idea, keep those videos coming too.

Improvements to ranking for local search results.

Whoa, Hold up, wait a minute!  Google is now using the main search results to determine placement of local search.  This is a big game changer.  I am going to be interested in keeping an eye on how much the main results will affect the local results.

My marketing idea, if this means what I think it means those little local companies that got away with having a great local search ranking without having a website, may not be so lucky anymore.  You will now need a website and have it rank favorably for you to now show up in the local searches.  You had better start working on that website mom and pop.

Two Very Big Changes

Panda update.

Of course, Google didn’t go into details.

My marketing idea, my guess is that the changes that they made in the algorithm since the last Panda update is going to reflect in the new Panda reviews.  For those that are not aware, Panda are reviews by actual people based on a standard that Google provided to their reviewers.  Just provide quality content and don’t fill your site top heavy with advertisements and you will be fine.

Link evaluation.

Google again doesn’t go into too much detail.  They are turning off a “method of link analysis”.

My marketing idea, my guess is that since they used backlinks to a site in order to determine that site topic, and used certain parameters to do so, they are now stopping one of those parameters.  The parameters they used were: the topic of the site the link is on, the anchor text of the link, the title tag of the link, and the keywords in the actual link.  These are 5 parameters.  Which ones they are still using, I have no clue.  My advice is just keep providing quality content that people want to link to and share on their social profiles.


So, what do you think of the new changes and how can you use them to better market your business?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. Paula

    Those are some very interesting ideas, but I am going other bloggers comment before i decide in which direction I will focus on.

  2. Queenie20

    Very interesting article indeed! I just realized that I have so many things that I have to do for my marketing plans.. Great approaches! Thanks for making me aware of this..

  3. Chezzianne

    Marketing is definitely very important and we have to be aware with the things about it and how will it be successful…

  4. AnnaLou

    This is helpful in terms of marketing…Thank you for sharing then…

  5. Cley

    Google Panda is really great because it’s very concise on search results. Thanks for sharing this.. Good job!

  6. Clauie

    I think this latest updates with Google panda will bring a huge ideas to all the marketers to have a great options in their way of marketing…

  7. Charmagn

    It’s quite sometime since I have heard about goole panda…Anyway, thanks for the information here…

  8. Beatriz

    Thanks for sharing all of info. regarding with Google panda, I hope there’s such an update about it…

  9. Ronifelle

    The information about google panda is really a must…Thanks for this…

  10. Cheziannhe

    Google Panda is very popular today and I think a lot of people are looking for more information about it…

  11. Amanda

    Thanks for sharing all of info. Thank you for this.

  12. Bianca

    Even though Google Panda provides a huge things to all of us and a great satisfaction, I’m still expecting something more because I know it will grant…….

  13. Shanel

    By means of the improving resolution at Google Panda, blogging will become more interesting…

  14. Grey

    Thanks for sharing with us this kind of update, hope you have something more with us… Google panda is already at the top point in the word of blogging..

  15. Beatriz

    I heard a lot of fruitful positive feed back about Google Panda and I am totally agree with them…

  16. Gracie

    When I did a google search prior to the new changes, I always found my answer on the first page, even in the first few links. Now, I have dig and dig and dig if I have something that I am really interested to know.

  17. Amy

    I really liked this post! I’ll be pinning it on my pinterest account!

  18. Crystall

    Opportunities are actually rare in our life.. Sometimes we need to make sure that it can help us in a positive way..

  19. Google Panda started last year. Google decided to hire real people and give them guidelines to go through websites and grade them on how relevant they are to keywords. Based on this grading system, Google will decide on where to rank your site in the search engines for a given keyword. Every so often they go through the sites again with different grading requirements.

  20. Maria Stones

    This is really a wonderful ideas in marketing. Your thoughts about Google Panda seems that this is really popular now. Thanks for the updates. It really help me to know about it.

  21. Nichole Evans

    I was amazed in your brilliant article. I learned a lot of ideas from your article. Thanks for making this awesome blog.

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