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Putting the Electric Company OUT OF BUSINESS 26


Here it is again.  I just want to make it clear to everyone that I am a positive person.  I don’t bitch without wanting to find solutions.  But we can’t ignore a problem and hope that it goes away only to say that we are trying to stay positive.  We must discover problems, discuss them, and find and create solutions to these problems.

Here is another day of bitching.  I don’t know what impact I can have on this problem but would love to hear what you all have to say about it and learn what you would do to solve it.

Some time last month, our air conditioner broke and was down for a week because we were waiting on parts.  We took this opportunity to adjust to the heat and decided to use our air conditioner at 78 and 80 degrees instead of 75 and 78 degrees we had it at before.  We decided to do this to save on electric costs.

Now, a couple things you need to know.

One, I hate to spend money on things that I do not choose to buy. This includes:

•    My taxes being wasted on earmarks that I would have never spent my money on,
•    Things that brake that shouldn’t,
•    Being ripped off,
•    Unreasonable prices,
•    Unreasonable taxes,
•    Forced to pay unreasonable insurance like social security that won’t be there when I retire,
•    Bank fees (I think banking should be free, they are making money off of our money),
•    My son’s diapers because he refused to learn to potty train,
•    Fruits that go bad because no one eats them,
•    And no on.

Two, in our area, we can only use one electric company. Each electric company controls a part of the city.  There are about 3 electric companies I think.

Last year, our electric company asked the commissioner to be allowed to raise rates.  Guess what their reason was – to keep profits high for their stockholders. You see, they have been selling the idea to their customers that if they want to save money on electric they need to conserve energy, and so we did.  Now their profits are low because we are conserving energy and not using so much of it.  Now, they want to raise the rates to keep their profits, which they got used to, high.

Isn’t that great (sarcasm)!  I should create a company where people will be forced to use me and raise the prices whenever I want more profits.  What an idea!

Tell me.  How is this OKAY?

So, a couple of days ago, we get our electric bill and it is slightly higher in energy use and the costs per kilowatt is about 33% higher than last year.

Now, back to the beginning of the story, I told you that our air conditioner was down for a week.  How is our electricity higher than last year then?

Moreover, within the last year they changed our electric meters to digital.  They can rip us off by lying about the meter and we would never know.  It costs about $14 per kilowatt, so one number higher a day makes a big dent in our pockets and fills theirs up exponentially.

Life Lesson with My 10 Year Old

Before I discovered this, I had a conversation with my 10 year old about life.  I told him about living expenses and working in a job. I explained to him this:

He gets out of college and gets a job making $65,000 a year.  His expenses are $35,000 per year. (Now, don’t get on top of me about math.  I am not going to get out a calculator for this.  Just pay attention to the lesson.)

The end of his first year of living, his job gives him a 2% raise, because this is what is standard.  His expenses are raised about 25% because not only did his electricity raise there rates by 25% in one year, but so did his water company, food suppliers (groceries), his insurance and health costs and other businesses he buys from.  Therefore, his income is now $67,000 and his expenses are about $44,000.  Now instead of $30,000 for savings and vacations, he has $23,000.

The second year income is $68,000, and expenses are $55,000.

The third year income is $70,000, and expenses are $69,000.

The forth year income is $71,000 and expenses are $86,000.  Now, expenses are higher than the income and there is not enough to pay the bills. I ask my son what is he going to do.  His answer was to get a second job.

Okay, I told him he could get a second job, but eventually that would not be enough either.  So, he said he would then get a third job; I then had to remind him that there is only a certain amount of hours in a day.

Other options would have been to cut back on expenses.  Lower the living standards.  And eat into the savings to pay for the expenses.

Even with all these options, there would come a time when your income would only get you a box to live in and there would be no money left in saving for anything.

Now to Our Life

My husband and me are facing this situation.  He makes only a certain amount of money from work.  He already is paid the maximum for his job, so there is no other place for him to look for work in this city that could pay him more.  However, expenses in this city that we can’t avoid like electric, water, insurance and taxes keep going up about 25% per year, while my husbands income only increases by 2% per year.

How do we cope?  We cope with my work at home income.  However, every year, I hear the same thing from my husband, we need to make more money, while I say, we need to find ways to cut back on expenses.  Because as I said before, I hate spending money on things I am FORCED to buy.  On the other hand, I don’t mind spending money on investments and things I want.

The only way we have been able to stay ahead is by having our own businesses that would bring in the money when we want at the amount that we want.  We can’t depend on a job that is limited to an increase of only 2% per year!

The Problem

But something has to be done about the electric company and similar monopolies.  I know that not everyone can run a business.  I feel bad for those people.  It is not fair that these companies are taking advantage of people.

Possible Solutions

My solution is for families to become self-sufficient. That is, we create our own energy.  I looked up solar power energy for homes and these companies are taking advantage of people charging $20,000 for something that should cost less than $5,000.

I am going to work with my 10 year old on a science project for his science fair that may help the home energy solution.  Our goal will be to power an entire home using multiple technologies available.

However, this is only one part of the problem and one solution.  Another is to spread the word about the problem, complain to the commissioner and more.

What Would You Do

What would you do?  How do you handle your rising expenses and SLOWLY rising incomes?  Comment below, I want to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Hey Emily,

    I think that anyone that reads your post can identify with spending money on things they feel they shouldn’t have to like diapers for a child that refuses to be potty trained 😉 That one made me laugh!

    To be honest with you I’m the type that wouldn’t focus my energy and thoughts on changing the electricity situation. I would be working on ways for my income to increase knowing that I will earn well over whatever they charged.

    Now I know this doesn’t help everyone, so I hope that your project with your son spawns some great ideas to change things for the better 😉

    In Success,
    Howie Perks

    • Thank you, my hope is that I can help others with my solution too. I know that not everyone is like us and works on increasing income without depending on a job, and we can’t expect everyone to be either. We need people out in the workforce to provide other services that we need and can’t provide for ourselves. And these people should be appreciated and not taken advantage of. So, I hope that I can help them out.

  2. That is quite the rant!!! There is lots of info on sustainable energy so I hope you do come up with something to share all those WHAMs. I imagine…creating income AND saving money! You are on the right track..Do you live in Canada? our taxes are outrageous too.

    • LOL! Yes, it is quite a rant. A combination of creating income and saving money is the way to go. But I also realize that time is important too. We can’t sacrifice time to save money. There needs to be a balance. I do feel that my search for a solution will be very rewarding emotionally though because it can help people. So, I don’t mind spending my time on it.

      I actually live in one of the most tax friendly states in the USA — Florida. There is no state income tax or inheritance tax, and the property taxes are reasonable. But the utility monopoly here is out of control. A nearby town is trying to gain control of their own water supply probably for the same reason.

  3. Hello Emily. I agree with you. We have the same problem. It is truly unfair what they are doing and it should be stopped. We all need to speak up more and take a stand and change how people are doing business. Crazy world we live in. Thank you for sharing, I can imagine a lot of people feel the same way.

    • You are right. “We all need to speak up” We may make more money to solve our problem but that doesn’t mean that we should stand by and let people do wrong to others for greed or any other reason. Truth and justice should be fought for no mater what.

  4. Emily – These kind of things drive me crazy too. I did the exact same thing trying to save money. So – I sweated my — off for a month and it didn’t make any difference! haha We live in Alabama so even having your thermostat at 78-80 the air kicks on all day because it is impossible to hold that temp. The joke was on me. Anyway – I agree with you wholeheartedly:)

    • LOL! You should try using those curtains that have white lining inside to keep out the sun. My grandmother always complains about how dark it is in my house, but it works great to keep the night cool in the house for hours during the morning.

      The only real hot room in my house is the office because the windows have transparent lining curtains and the sun is at that side of the house for most of the day.

      There is also a product called “solar screens” that keep out about 80-90% of the heat out of your house by blocking the sun from coming in through your windows.

  5. Hey Emily,

    Great to meet you. This story is one that so many people live today. It is amazing what is happening with businesses around us and the expenses that we live with and are forced upon us. What I do know and believe is that we live in a world of unlimited abundance… there is no lack in anything. Just our lack in mind to understand and see where the answers to our live challenges are right in front of us.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us all.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

    • You are right, the answers are out there for all of us.

      But about abundance, we get out of it what we put into it. That is the rules of physics whether it is physical/tangible or energy (spiritual or physical). In that respect there is unlimited abundance.

      There really is enough of everything to go around. We just need to learn to not hog it all and not let others who work for it to enjoy it as well.

  6. Emily, I agree with you 100%. These companies are running a monopoly, and they are just flat out gouging the public, and it can’t be tolerated!

    As far as what we can do about it. Well what really needs to happen is we need more electric companies to create more competition.

    Something definitely needs to be done or these companies will continue to take advantage of us little guys!

    Thanks for sharing this great post!
    ~Joseph McDevitt

  7. I am with you on the taxes. I think there should be some kind of flat tax.

    As to electricity, what China does is give every household a very low rate on the kilowatts necessary for the basics, cooking and lighting basically. It is very inexpensive. But if you decide to buy an air conditioner or heater, those items will push you above those usage rates and your power will star becoming progressively more expensive as you use more than you r quota of power. An interesting way to go.

    • We also have a lower rate on the first 1000 kilowatts but it is only lower by about $2.00. Not much of a difference when the rate is about $14.00 per kilowatt.

  8. Emily I totally agree with you about how asinine it is that these monopoly businesses get away with such craziness. This is always the problem when utilities are taken out of the hands of the public. Every time a town privatizes the basics – that is what happens – because the company does not feel/life the heartbeat of the town. Its a sad state of affairs and yet towns never seem to learn because they get sucked into believing they’ll make a ton of tax money on it. Painful stuff – right out of our wallets! Keep up the good fight gf!

    • Thanks, there is a nearby town that wants control of their own water. Now I know why. Before it didn’t make sense to me what they meant.

  9. Hey Emily,
    Great website. We have things in common! One of my favorite sayings is “pick your battles”. Some are too overwhelming and take up so much energy that can be used else where…then there are those that are manageable… you just have to do what’s best for you and fits with your values. I am not one for telling others what to do . I just know you’ll figure it all out. Nice to meet you through TSA :-)

    • Yes, I do choose my battles wisely. I don’t think that I can make a difference in the local government to do something about this, perhaps the commissioner owns stocks with the electric company. However, we all can do something about it as far as creating our own energy for ourselves and not be a slave to the electric company anymore.

      I was also considering buying stocks and having them pay for the electric bills with the dividends. But then that would only be adding to the problem for those that can’t afford to buy stocks or are able to create their own electricity.

  10. Hi Emily,
    I would absolutely love to put electric companies out of biz! I used to live in England and it was worse there! I loved your comment about your son’s diapers – I am exactly there at this moment!!!!! He just refuses to comply – any tips would be welcome.

    Keep up the great, amusing posts and don’t let your frustrations last more than two minutes – that is becoming a habit!


    • Thanks.

      Tips for potty training:

      1. put him/her on a strict eating schedule so that his movements are regular.
      2. find out his movement schedule
      3. take him to the toilet whenever based on the movement schedule
      4. make sitting on the toilet fun, I read books to my son while he sits. He loves to be read to.
      5. try praising success with something like gummy bears that are only for when he goes potty and limit them to about 2-3 bears.
      6. Lots of praying!

      Good luck!

  11. Emily,
    I have a unique situation. Where I live, for some reason 3 apts share one electric bill. Since mine is the largest, I pay a higher proportion of the bill. That means that my bill is not only affected by the electric company but by the usage of my 2 neighbors – and one keeps leaving hallway lights on unnecessarily. But to me, this is such a minor issue. I just make a list of the bills due each month, one of them being electric.
    As long as I am building my business and seeing private clients, I keep my focus on that. As Edward said,I know we live in an abundant world and I generally choose to focus on the abundance.

    When my electric was out and the AC didn’t work (like after those hurricanes a few years ago), and another time when the AC broke, it was sweltering here in South Florida. I am so happy every day that the AC is working and that I have electricity. So I pay the bill without thinking much about it.


    • That is a harsh situation that you can’t do anything about except move. You are doing great working with what you can change. Don’t worry about what you can do nothing about.

  12. Hey Emily,

    I hear your frustration girl! I am not sure if things are different in the UK to the US, but there are many different energy companies to choose from.

    I was so fed up of the ridiculous price hikes that I decided to do some research and found a energy company that is not for profit and has no stakeholders to keep happy and the savings have been significant.

    In fact they owe me. I hope you don’t think I am blowing my trumpet, because well I cant play the trumpet very well. But if you can find any not for profit energy companies in the US then you might be on to something.

    This is the kind of company I am talking about


    Maybe just maybe there will be one for you out there too. fingers and toes crossed for ya.

    Beth :)

    • That is great that your area does that. I would love to bring that example up to our commissioner. Don’t know if they will listen but it is a great idea. It is something that we don’t understand why they don’t do here already. We have all thought about it. But I think the way the wires and stuff is set up prevents that. However, we can take your area’s example and see how they do it and implement it here.


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